Information Visualisation

Level: Master
Semester: 2nd Semester (February - June)
Language: English
Teacher: Beat Signer
Assistant(s): Maxim Van de Wynckel
Course Description

In this course students learn about the representation (abstraction) and presentation of data in terms of different visualization techniques supporting the exploratory analysis for scientific discovery as well as the design of tools for the presentation of large datasets. The theory further covers specific elements of human perception and color theory and we discuss different design principles and interaction techniques for human-in-the-loop data exploration underlined by various case studies. The theory is applied ad further deepened in a group assignment where interactive visualizations are designed and implemented for different rich datasets.


Lecture Schedule

Lecture 1:  Introduction


Lecture 2:  Human Perception and Colour Theory


Lecture 3:  Data Representation

Lecture 4:  Data Presentation


Lecture 5:  Data Processing and Visualisation Toolkits


Lecture 6:  Design Guidelines and Principles


Lecture 7:  Visualisation Techniques