Conceptual View Integration for Audience Driven Web Design

In an audience driven approach to website design, the requirements of the different audiences are modeled as separated tiny conceptual schemas comparable to views. We present a new approach to integrate these conceptual views. The preparation for the integration is already done during the design phase itself. Semantic information about the concepts used during conceptual modeling is stored in an ontology. Later on, the ontology is used to do the actual integration. This approach has several advantages. The role of an overall domain expert is limited; the ontology can be used to assist the designer during the modeling process; the ontology can be reused in other designs; and the use of an ontology paves the way for the semantic web.
Publication Reference
De Troyer, O., Plessers, P., Casteleyn, S.: "Conceptual View Integration for Audience Driven Web Design", CD-ROM Proceedings of the WWW2003 Conference, IW3C2 (also, Budapest, Hongary (2003)