An Extensible Framework for Personal Cross-Media Information Management

Nowadays a user's personal information space is fragmented into multiple repositories on their local machine as well as on remote servers. In order to enable later access to resources managed within such a cross-media information space, information has to be organised in a format that can be processed by automatic retrieval processes. We propose a general framework for personal information management based on extending a cross-media link server with supplemental metadata functionality. In addition to user generated information, our solution automatically derives metadata for classifying and associating resources based on direct interaction with the information space. Resources and metadata can be integrated by referencing external resources or information may be managed directly by the framework. The presented cross-media information management solution is not limited to a fixed set of predefined resources and can be extended based on a resource plug-in mechanism.
Publication Reference
Ispas, A., Signer, B. and Norrie M.C.: "An Extensible Framework for Personal Cross-Media Information Management", Proceedings of Workshop on Cross-Media Information Analysis, Extraction and Management, Koblenz, Germany, December 2008