Ontology Change Detection using a Version Log

In this article, we propose a new ontology evolution approach that combines a top-down and a bottom-up approach. This means that the manual request for changes (top-down) by the ontology engineer is complemented with an automatic change detection mechanism (bottom-up). The approach is based on keeping track of the different versions of ontology concepts throughout their lifetime (called virtual versions). In this way, changes can be defined in terms of these virtual versions.
Publication Reference
Plessers, P., De Troyer, O.: "Ontology Change Detection using a Version Log", Proceedings of the 4th International Semantic Web Conference, pp. 578-592, Eds. Yolanda Gil, Enrico Motta, V.Richard Benjamins, Mark A. Musen, Publ. Springer-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-540-29754-3, Galway, Ireland (2005)


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