Patterns as method for university portals design

In the field of designing universities portals website the designers need effective methods in designing usable and successful portals. In this paper, we examine the contribution that pattern languages could make to target audience participation in the design of interactive portal.
The patterns take the website target audience perspective which leads to a format where usability is the essential design quality. The patterns constructed after capturing knowledge about the successful design of usable websites and also the patterns have emerged as a possible solution to some of the problems from which guidelines suffer. Patterns focus on the context of a problem and solution thereby guiding the designer in using the design knowledge.
Publication Reference
Mushtaha, A. , De Troyer, O.: "Patterns as method for university portals design", Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Technology - Human Computer Interaction (ICIT2005), pp. 411-417 , ISBN 9957-8583-0-0, Amman, Jordan (2005)