Towards a Framework for Dynamic Data Physicalisation

Advanced data visualisation techniques enable the exploration and analysis of large datasets. Recently, there is the emerging field of data physicalisation, where data is represented in physical space (e.g. via physical models) and can no longer only be explored visually, but also by making use of other senses such as touch. Most existing data physicalisation solutions are static and cannot be dynamically updated based on a user's interaction. Our goal is to develop a framework for new forms of dynamic data physicalisation in order to support an interactive exploration and analysis of datasets. Based on a study of the design space for dynamic data physicalisation, we are therefore working on a grammar for representing the fundamental physical operations and interactions that can be applied to the underlying data. Our envisioned extensible data physicalisation framework will enable the rapid prototyping of dynamic data physicalisations and thereby support researchers who want to experiment with new combinations of physical variables or output devices for dynamic data physicalisation as well as designers and application developers who are interested in the development of innovative dynamic data physicalisation solutions.
Publication Reference
Signer, B., Ebrahimi, P., Curtin, T.J. and Abdullah, A.K.A.: "Towards a Framework for Dynamic Data Physicalisation", International Workshop Toward a Design Language for Data Physicalization, Berlin, Germany, October 2018