Research Projects of jan maushagen

TICKLE: Adaptive Persuasive ICT Tools to Tackle School Burnout Among Youngsters in Brussels  (Finished)

The number of youngsters (from 18 to 24 years old) who leave school without having obtained an upper-secondary education degree and who do not follow any type of education is much higher within the Brussels Capital Region than the Belgian average. Furthermore, in comparison to the Flemish and Walloon Regions the numbers for Brussels also prove comparatively elevated. In 2014, the school dropout rate for the Brussels Capital Region was 14,4%, while 7% for Flanders and 12,9% for Wallonia.

Euraloc - mEyeDose  (Finished)

In the context of an European epidemiological study EURALOC, WISE developed a mobile app to predict, track, calculate and simulate the eye lens radiation dose received by an interventional cardiologist during procedures. 

The app, called mEyeDose, is free and available on

The flyer can be downloaded here