Applying Semantic Web technology in a Mobile Setting: the Person Matcher

In a mobile setting, users use, handle and search for online information in a different way. Two features typically desired by mobile users are tailored information delivery and context awareness. In this paper, we elaborate a demo application that is built upon the existing SCOUT framework, which supports mobile, context-aware applications. The application illustrates the use of intrinsic mobile features, such as context- and environment-awareness, and combines them with the use of Semantic Web technologies to integrate and tailor knowledge present in distributed data sources.
Publication Reference
Van Woensel, W., Casteleyn, S., De Troyer, O.: Applying Semantic Web Technology in a Mobile Setting: The Person Matcher. In: Benatallah, B., Casati, F., Kappel, G., and Rossi, G. (eds.) Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Web Engineering. pp. 506–509. Springer-Verlag, Vienna, Austria (2010).


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