Generating Smart Contracts for Blockchain-based Resource-Exchange Systems

Blockchain technology allows to store data in a secure and decentralized manner. The combination of blockchains with smart contracts allows for a novel range of applications. However, the creation of such applications requires IT skills, which introduces a burden for businesspeople that would like to incorporate blockchains combined with smart contracts in their business processes. To overcome this issue in the context of resource exchange across organizations and customers, we developed a framework that allows businesspeople to generate blockchain applications for such resource exchanges, without requiring any programming or blockchain knowledge. In this paper, we elaborate on the module that generates the smart contracts necessary to implement the specifications of use cases. In the current implementation, smart contracts are generated for Solidity, which is a smart contract language supported by many blockchain implementations, but this is not a limitation of the approach.
Publication Reference
Soni, K. and De Troyer, O.: "Generating Smart Contracts for Blockchain-Based Resource-Exchange Systems". In: Information and Web Intelligence, 24th International Proceedings of the 24th International Conference, iiWAS 2022, LNCS, volume 13635, pp104-109, Springer 2022


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