GOMES - An Object-Oriented GUI for the Object Model Multi-User Extended Filesystem

Today’s file systems often lack flexibility as a consequence of being modeled too close to the underlying physical storage structure of their files. The object model multi-user extended file system (OMX-FS) is a new vision of a file system, providing more functionality and flexibility than most file systems currently do. It integrates database functionality into the operating system and strictly separates the physical storage structure of files from their logical use. The goal of this diploma thesis was the design and implementation of GOMES, an object-oriented graphical user interface for the OMX-FS, offering easy access to the full power of the OMX-FS file system. Being a Java application GOMES is highly portable. It is based on XML-RPC, a networking protocol encoding remote method invocations with the help of the extensible markup language. Using XML-RPC a remote object mechanism is designed and employed in order to communicate in a machine and programming language independent manner.
Publication Reference
Signer, B.: "GOMES - An Object-Oriented GUI for the Object Model Multi-User Extended Filesystem", Diploma Thesis, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, July 1999


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