Integrating Business Rules into the Web Development Process

In this paper we propose an approach to integrate business rules into the web site development process. This approach is given as an extension of the Web Site Design Method (WSDM), developed previously in our group. In our approach the business rules are integrated throughout the phases of the web development process defined in WSDM methodology. In the first phase business rules are observed as business policies of the enterprise. In the second phase business rules are documented and mapped to the different audiences which are defined in the audience modeling phase of WSDM. In the third phase business rules are modeled conceptually using ORM (Object Role Modeling) and RIDL (Reference and IDea Language). The business rules are defined on top of the conceptual model of the web site.
Publication Reference
Najjar, J., Mushtaha, A. , De Troyer, O.: "Integrating Business Rules into the Web Development Process", Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Technology - Human Computer Interaction (ICIT2005), pp. 404-410, ISBN 9957-8583-0-0 , Amman, Jordan (2005)


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