NDT-Agile: An Agile, CMMI-Compatible Framework for Web Engineering

Agile and Web Engineering show important synergies, making Agile a common approach for Web development. Besides, several initiatives emerged to support CMMI-DEV within Agile, where CMMI-DEV aims to improve organizations’ software development process. An approach integrating Agile, Web and CMMI-DEV might be of great value, since they might allow Web development teams to use Agile, as well as progress through CMMI-DEV maturity levels.
For this purpose, we developed NDT-Agile, an NDT-based Agile framework to achieve the goals of CMMI-DEV in the context of Web Engineering. It was developed by mapping Agile practices to the goals of CMMI-DEV so as to identify existing gaps. Next, we searched for suitable Agile practices to cover the gaps and integrated them into a framework called NDT-Agile, which was validated using an expert-judgment technique: the Delphi method. This paper describes how we integrated Agile and CMMI-DEV into a Web Engineering framework.
Besides, it also analyzes its initial evaluation, together with a first tool developed to support it.
Publication Reference
Torrecilla-Salinas C.J., Guardia T., De Troyer O., Mejías M., Sedeño J. (2017) NDT-Agile: An Agile, CMMI-Compatible Framework for Web Engineering. In: Mas A., Mesquida A., O'Connor R., Rout T., Dorling A. (eds) Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination. SPICE 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 770, pp 3-16. Springer, Cham