Paper-Based Mobile Access to Databases

Our demonstration is a paper-based interactive guide for visitors to the world's largest international arts festival that was developed as part of a project investigating new forms of context-aware information delivery and interaction in mobile environments. Information stored in a database is accessed from a set of interactive paper documents, including a printed festival brochure, a city map and a bookmark. Active areas are defined within the documents and selection of these using a special digital pen causes the corresponding query request along with context data to be sent to a festival application database and the response is returned to the visitor in the form of generated speech output. In addition to paper-based information browsing and transactions such as ticket booking, the digital pen can also be applied for data capture of event ratings and handwritten comments on events. The system integrates three main database components—a cross-media information platform, a content management framework for multi-channel context-aware publishing of data and the festival application database.
Publication Reference
Signer, B., Norrie, M.C., Grossniklaus, M., Belotti, R. Decurtins, C. and Weibel, N.: "Paper-Based Mobile Access to Databases", Demo Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2006), Chicago, USA, June 2006