Paper-Digital Meeting Support and Review

Paper notes are still widely used during meetings for the capture and review of information created in meetings.
However, personal notes are limited in terms of providing an overview of collaborative work practices and reflecting the evolution of data along successive meeting phases, especially taking into account actions performed on paper and digital media. We propose a solution for the review of meeting data captured along three dimensions of collaboration: paper-digital interaction, private and shared documents as well as pre- and in-meeting information. Based on a general data model, our system enhances the transition between succeeding meeting phases and improves the review of personal and collaborative cross-media meeting material.
Publication Reference
Ispas, A., Li, N., Norrie, M.C. and Signer, B.: "Paper-Digital Meeting Support and Review", Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Collaborative Computing (CollaborateCom 2010), Chicago, USA, October 2010