Research Projects of wesley bille

Conceptual Modeling of Virtual Worlds  (Finished)

The main purpose of this project is to introduce conceptual modeling concepts to specify complex 3D objects in Virtual World and to rigorously define the semantics of these new modeling concepts using logic.

VR-DeMo - Virtual Reality : Conceptual Descriptions and Models for the Realization of Virtual Environments  (Finished)

The proposed research will result in a set of generic concepts and techniques usable for conceptual modelling and realizing virtual environments. The ultimate goal is to facilitate and shorten the development process of virtual environments by means of conceptual specifications.
In the project, WISE will develop a set of generic concepts usable for the conceptual modeling of the static part of a virtual environment, as well as for specifying the behaviors required in the virtual environment. WISE will also investigated how the actual virtual environments can be realized by means of such high-level conceptual specifications (i.e. code generation). Also tool support will be developed.

VR-WISE: A Conceptual Modelling Approach For Virtual Environments  (Finished)

The VR-WISE research started some years after WISE was founded. The focus of this research was on the conceptual modeling of Virtual Reality Environments.