Research Projects of yoshi malaise

Personalised Technology-enhanced Learning Environments  (Ongoing)

A major aim of our research is to make programming education accessible to everyone, especially people from underrepresented or underprivileged groups. That means thinking about ways we teach CS, thinking about how students experience CS, intrinsic or external motivations students may have for learning about computing, but also tools to help both educators and learners. Very important to note is that I aim to make sure that the tools are accessible to a wide audience and do not require complex LMS setups that might not be useable by small-scale organisations.

Explorotron: An IDE Extension for Code Exploration and Learning  (Ongoing)

Explorotron is a Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension that is designed to help students learn from arbitrary JavaScript code examples by providing different interactive views or so-called study lenses each focusing on different aspects of the code. The individual study lenses are based on computing education research and follow best practices such as the PRIMM methodology, a peel-away design or an environment closely resembling a professional programming environment to support skill transfer.