Scratching the Surface

Student Name
Audrey Sanctorum
Thesis Type
Bachelor Thesis
Thesis Status
Academic Year
2012 - 2013
Bachelor in de Computerwetenschappen
Beat Signer
Reinout Roels

Scratch interfaces are a great mean to enable gestures for occluded areas which cannot be seen by a camera. Therefore, a basic requirement is to enable gestural actions via scratching sounds [1]. The following video explains the actual idea:

This thesis consists of thee main parts:

  1. Capture and visualise the audio signal in a desktop application.
  2. Recognise and distingish multiple scratches.
  3. Through the use of multiple microphones, localisation can be applied. This allows for a broader variety on scratch gestures that can be applied in a home or office setting.

The implemention is preferably done in C or Java in order to run the application on embedded devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi or Pic32) in a later stage.


[1] Harrison, Chris and Hudson, Scott E. Scratch Input: Creating Large, Inexpensive, Unpowered and Mobile Finger Input Surfaces. In Proceedings of the 21st Annual ACM Symposium on User interface Software and Technology (UIST 2008), pp. 205-208.