A Feature Modeling Approach for Domain-Specific Requirement Elicitation

In this paper, we presented an approach for domain-specific requirement elicitation. Building domain-specific software requires the expertise of people with very different background and with different levels of experience in software development. This complicates the process of requirement elicitation. The purpose of the approach is twofold. On the one hand, we want to unlock available information on requirement elicitation for particular domains. On the other hand, we want to provide a mechanism for guiding the stakeholders (non-computing as well as computing people) through the requirement elicitation process in these domains. The approach is based on Feature Modeling, a variability modeling technique used in Software Product Lines. Furthermore, a tablet app has been developed to support the approach. We demonstrate the approach for two different domains, the domain of serious games for children and the domain of e-shop web applications. A first evaluation of the approach and the tool has been done by means of two explorative case studies and resulted in positive feedbacks.
Publication Reference
De Troyer, O., & Janssens, E. (2014, August). A feature modeling approach for domain-specific requirement elicitation. In Requirements Patterns (RePa), 2014 IEEE 4th International Workshop on (pp. 17-24). IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/RePa.2014.6894839