Improved Navigation Through Extended XML Links

The paper describes a browser that processes XLink links in XML documents. It creates a navigation chunk of hyperlinks dynamically for a connected user’s session through a server side programming. This advanced navigation provides web-based online services while referencing the electronic documents in use, both local and remote. To allow communicating this information through the web, an XML/DTD documents for the manner in which Uniform Resource Identifiers should be referenced, are developed. Web GUIs are generated that enable users to explore and interact with the XLink elements available in such documents. The browser supports a graphical query notation based on XLink links in Java Graphics 2D applets.
Publication Reference
Lekova, A., De Troyer, O.: "Improved Navigation Through Extended XML Links", Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (IIWAS 2001), Austrian Computer Society, Band 150, pp. 10 - 12, Eds. Winiwater, W., Bressan, S., Ibrahim I.K. , Linz, Austria (2001)


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