Evidenced-based ICT Interventions Against (Cyber-)Bullying Amongst Youngsters

The goal of project is to research in a scientifically founded manner how ICT-based interventions (or intervention parts) can be used in the battle against (cyber) bullying. The emphasis is on the mapping of the problem of (cyber) bullying as well as on the developing and testing of dynamic, state-of-the art ICT applications in order to tackle the problem. In order to give this project shape, the so-called “intervention Mapping Approach” is followed. This approach seems to be especially useful for the systematic development and planning of evidence-based health interventions in general (and of bullying interventions in particular).

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Status: Finished

Start Date: 01-09-2010

End Date: 31-08-2011

External Research Groups Involved
MIOS - University of Antwerp
Department of Movement and Sport Science - Ghent University
Digital Arts & Entertainment - University College West-Flanders