iGesture - A Gesture Recognition Framework

While there exists a variety of gesture recognition frameworks, none of them addresses the issues of supporting both application developers as well as the designers of new recognition algorithms. iGesture supports application developers who would like to add new gesture recognition functionality to their application as well as designers of new gesture recognition algorithms. The iGesture framework can easily be configured to use any of the existing recognition algorithms (e.g. Rubine, SiGeR) or customised gesture sets can be defined. Furthermore, our test bench provides tools to verify new gesture recognition algorithms and to evaluate their performance.


iGesture Workbench

Figure 1: iGesture Workbench


iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition framework focusing on extensibility and cross-application reusability by providing an integrated solution that includes the iGesture recognition framework as well as the iGesture workbench for the creation of specific gesture sets. The iGesture workbench further enables the evaluation and optimisation of new or existing gesture recognition algorithms.



The iGesture framework is not limited to a specific input device. In addition to traditional screen and mouse-based interaction, iGesture provides functionality for handling digital pen and paper input. More recently, iGesture has been extended to deal with other forms of gesture input includig the processing of 3-dimensional input (e.g. from a Wii Remote) and support for TUIO devices has been added.


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