Audio and Video Adaptation Inside 3D Virtual Learning Environments

The use of 3D Virtual Environments is gaining interest in the context of academic discussions on e-learning technologies, as it provides several advantages over classical learning material. However, the use of multimedia resources such as videos and audio inside 3D Virtual Learning Environments (3D VLE) also has drawbacks, especially usability and the effectiveness issues may cause problems. One way to overcome such drawbacks is by providing an adaptive 3D Virtual Learning Environment i.e. an environment that dynamically adapts to the learner characteristics and his activities inside the environment. In general, providing different adaptation techniques inside 3D VLE is not simple and should be supported with care. Therefore, this research is conducted to investigate the different adaptation techniques that can be applied to the audio and video learning resources which are considered as one of the important components of 3D VLE. The proposed adaptation techniques can be used to improve the learning outcomes from a 3D Virtual Learning Environment.
Publication Reference
Ewais, A., Maree, M., De Troyer, O., Kharraz, B. (2017). Audio and video adaptation inside 3D virtual learning environments. In Proceeding of the 8th International Conference on eLearning (eLearning-2017), Belgrade, Serbia. Eds. Trebinjac, B, Kovačević, S, Jovanović, S. pp. 77-81

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