Discoverable and Interoperable Augmented Reality Environments Through Solid Pods

Augmented Reality (AR) environments are physical environments with virtual objects superimposed through AR-enabled devices. These virtual objects can range from simple aesthetic objects like pictures to superimposed contextual information about physical items. In most modern AR applications, the augmented spaces exist only for the user who created the environment or for proprietary applications that enable multi-user collaboration in the same environment. However, there is a lack of solutions that enable interoperable collaboration in these personal AR spaces, allowing users to share and contribute to an AR space. We propose a solution that enables users to create their personal AR space that can then be discovered by other users who are in physical proximity to this space, enabling them to view or contribute to the augmented space. In addition, we discuss a solution that utilises the same technique to create AR spaces that are bound to a specific room and can be discovered by users who are in close vicinity to these rooms.
Publication Reference
Van de Wynckel, M. and Signer, B.: "Discoverable and Interoperable Augmented Reality Environments Through Solid Pods", Proceedings of SoSy 2024 (Poster), 2nd Solid Symposium, Leuven, Belgium, May 2024