DocTr: A Unifying Framework for Tracking Physical Documents and Organisational Structures

Despite major advancements in digital document management, paper documents still play an important role in our daily work and are often used in combination with digital documents and services. Over the last two decades, we have seen a number of augmented reality solutions helping users in managing their paper documents in office settings. However, since data is mainly managed at the application layer, the use of multiple document tracking setups results in fragmented and inconsistent tracking data. Furthermore, existing tracking solutions often focus on the tracking of paper documents in organisational structures such as folders or filing cabinets without taking into account the flow of documents across these organisational structures. We present the Document Tracking (DocTr) framework for unifying existing document tracking setups and managing document metadata across organisational structures. The DocTr framework has been implemented based on a user-centric requirements analysis and simplifies the development of interactive computing systems for personal cross-media information management.
Publication Reference
Trullemans, S., Vercruysse, A. and Signer, B.: "DocTr: A Unifying Framework for Tracking Physical Documents and Organisational Structures", Proceedings of EICS 2016, 8th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, Brussels, Belgium, June 2016