Feature Assembly: A New Feature Modeling Technique

In this paper we present a new feature modeling technique. This work was motivated by the fact that although for over two decades feature modeling techniques are used in software research for domain analysis and modeling of Software Product Lines, it has not found its way to the industry. Feature Assembly modeling overcomes some of the limitations of the current feature modeling techniques. We use a multi-perspective approach to deal with the complexity of large systems, we provide a simpler and easier to use modeling language, and last but not least we separated the variability specifications from the feature specifications which allow reusing features in different contexts.
Publication Reference
Abo Zaid, L., Kleinermann, F., De Troyer, O.: "Feature Assembly: A New Feature Modeling Technique", 29th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling , pp. 233-246, Publ. springer verlag, ISBN 978-3-642-16372-2, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2010) (DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-16373-9_17 )