Generating Semantic Annotations during the Web Design Process

An important milestone in the evolution of the Web is the Semantic Web: a Web in which the semantics of the available content and functionality is made explicit. Web design methods, originally aimed at offering the designer a well-structured, systematic approach to Web design, now face new challenge: to facilitate the (semi-) automatic generation of semantic annotations describing both content and structure of the website, thereby enabling the Semantic Web. In this short paper, we describe how the existing design method WSDM was adapted to use Semantic Web technology and how the use of Semantic Web technology was exploited to support the generation of semantically annotated websites.
Publication Reference
Casteleyn, S., Plessers, P., De Troyer, O.: "Generating Semantic Annotations during the Web Design Process", Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Web Engineering, pp. 91-92, Eds. Wolber, D., Calder, N., Brooks, C., Ginige, A., Publ. ACM, ISBN 1-59593-352-2, Palo Alto, California, USA (2006)