Interactive and Narrative Data Visualisation for Presentation-based Knowledge Transfer

In recent years, presentation tools such as Apple's Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint play an important role in knowledge transfer. Despite the fact that over the last decade we have witnessed various technological advances and new media types, existing presentation tools still mainly support the presenter-driven delivery of static content. On the other hand, research in information visualisation illustrates that interactive data exploration and storytelling can significantly improve the extraction and transfer of knowledge from raw data sets. Our goal is to improve data-driven knowledge transfer in presentation tools by applying existing information visualisation concepts. Therefore, we derived a set of general requirements for interactive information visualisation in presentation tools. A prototype of a presentation tool which addresses these requirements has been developed based on the MindXpres presentation platform. Ultimately, the presented requirements might serve third-party slideware vendors as input for improving support for data-driven knowledge transfer in existing presentation tools.
Publication Reference
Roels, R., Baeten, Y. and Signer, B.: "Interactive and Narrative Data Visualisation for Presentation-based Knowledge Transfer", Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), 739, 2017