Interactive Paper as a Mobile Client for a Multi-Channel Web Information System

We describe how interactive paper can be used together with a multi-channel web information system to build a platform for experimenting with multi-modal context-aware mobile information services. As an application, we present a tourist guide for visitors to an international festival that was developed to investigate alternative modes of information delivery and interaction in mobile environments. The guide is based around a set of interactive paper documents—an event brochure,
map and bookmark. The brochure and map augment the printed content through interaction using a digital pen for link activation and speech for information delivery. The digital pen is also used for data capture of event ratings and reviews.
The bookmark provides access to advanced searches and ticket reservations. We describe the architecture and operation of the system, highlighting the challenges of extending a web information system to support both the generation of the paper documents and the interaction from these documents, alongside more traditional access channels. Finally, we discuss the range of context-aware interactions that is supported by this new mobile platform.
Publication Reference
Signer, B., Grossniklaus, M. and Norrie, M.C.: "Interactive Paper as a Mobile Client for a Multi-Channel Web Information System", World Wide Web Journal (WWW), Vol. 10, No. 4, Springer, December 2007