PaperProof: A Paper-Digital Proof-Editing System

Recent approaches for linking paper and digital information or services tend to be based on a one-time publishing of digital information where changes to the printed
document become isolated from its digital source. Structural information which is available when authoring a digital document is lost during the printing process making it difficult to map interactions within the physical document to the corresponding elements of the digital document. We identify the necessary requirements for an integrated digital and paper-based document lifecycle and present our solution which supports a seamless transition between digital and physical document instances. PaperProof is presented as a paper-based proof-editing application that exploits our new approach for mapping pen-based interactions with paper documents to the corresponding operations in the digital document instance.
Publication Reference
Weibel, N., Signer, B., Ponti, P. and Norrie, M.C.: "PaperProof: A Paper-Digital Proof-Editing System", Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Collaborating over Paper and Digital Documents (CoPADD 2007), London, UK, November 2007