PaperSketch: A Paper-Digital Collaborative Remote Sketching Tool

With the emergence of digital pen and paper technologies, we have witnessed an increasing number of enhanced paper-digital notetaking solutions. However, the natural notetaking process includes a variety of individual work practices that complicate the automatic processing of paper notes and require some user intervention for the classification of digital ink data. We present an extensible digital ink processing framework that simplifies the classification of digital ink data in natural notetaking applications. Our solution deals with the manual as well as automatic ink data segmentation and classification based on Delaunay triangulation and a strongest link algorithm. We further highlight how our solution can be extended with new digital ink classifiers and describe a paper-digital reminder application that has been realised based on the presented digital ink processing framework.
Publication Reference
Weibel, N., Signer, B., Norrie, M.C., Hofstetter, H., Jetter, H.-C. and Reiterer, H.: "PaperSketch: A Paper-Digital Collaborative Remote Sketching Tool", Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2011), Palo Alto, USA, February 2011