Putting the Gloss on Paper: A Framework for Cross-Media Annotation

We present a general framework for cross-media annotation that can be used to support the many different forms and uses of annotation. Specifically, we discuss the need for digital annotation of printed materials and describe how various technologies for digitally augmented paper can be used in support of work practices. The state of the art in terms of both commercial and research solutions is described in some detail, with an analysis of the extent to which they can support both the writing and reading activities associated with annotation. Our framework is based on an extension of the information server that was developed within the Paper++ project to support enhanced reading. It is capable of handling both formal and informal annotation across printed and digital media, exploiting a range of technologies for information capture and display. A prototype demonstrator application for mammography is presented to illustrate both the functionality of the framework and the status of existing technologies.
Publication Reference
Decurtins, C., Norrie, M.C. and Signer, B.: "Putting the Gloss on Paper: A Framework for Cross-Media Annotation" New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NRHM 2003), Volume 9, 2003