SpeeG2: A Speech- and Gesture-based Interface for Efficient Controller-free Text Entry

With the emergence of smart TVs, set-top boxes and public information screens over the last few years, there is an increasing demand to no longer use these appliances only for passive output. These devices can also be used to do text-based web search as well as other tasks which require some form of text input. However, the design of text entry interfaces for efficient input on such appliances represents a major challenge. With current virtual keyboard solutions we only achieve an average text input rate of 5.79 words per minute (WPM) while the average typing speed on a traditional keyboard is 38 WPM. Furthermore, so-called controller-free appliances such as Samsung's Smart TV or Microsoft's Xbox Kinect result in even lower average text input rates. We present SpeeG2, a multimodal text entry solution combining speech recognition with gesture-based error correction. Four innovative prototypes for the efficient controller-free text entry have been developed and evaluated. A quantitative evaluation of our SpeeG2 text entry solution revealed that the best of our four prototypes achieves an average input rate of 21.04 WPM (without errors), outperforming current state-of-the-art solutions for controller-free text input.
Publication Reference
Hoste, L. and Signer, B.: "SpeeG2: A Speech- and Gesture-based Interface for Efficient Controller-free Text Entry", Proceedings of ICMI 2013, 15th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Sydney, Australia, December 2013