Switching over to Paper: A New Web Channel

We present a general web-based information infrastructure capable of supporting the rapid development of highly-interactive information environments that cater for widely varying requirements across application domains and all forms of fixed and mobile client devices. In particular, we describe how this infrastructure has been extended to support digitally augmented paper through a special transformation component that can map active areas of document pages to information objects so that user- and context-dependent interaction can be supported. Our infrastructure is sufficiently general and flexible to adapt to, not only emerging and even unanticipated technologies in the area of interactive paper, but also the rapidly expanding interaction sphere of hypermedia.
Publication Reference
Norrie, M.C. and Signer, B.: "Switching over to Paper: A New Web Channel", Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2003), Rome, Italy, December 2003