Towards a Conceptual Framework and Metamodel for Context-aware Personal Cross-Media Information Management Systems

Information fragmentation is a well-known issue in personal information management (PIM). In order to overcome this problem, various PIM solutions have focussed on linking documents via semantic relationships. More recently, task-centered information management (TIM) has been introduced as an alternative PIM paradigm. While these two paradigms have their strengths and weaknesses, we aim for a new PIM system design approach to achieve better synergies with human memory. We further envision a cross-media solution where physical information is integrated with a user's digital personal information space. We present the Object-Concept-Context (OC2) conceptual framework for context-aware personal cross-media information management combining the best of the two existing PIM paradigms and integrating the most relevant features of the human memory. Further, we outline how the OC2 framework has been implemented based on a domain-specific application of the Resource-Selector-Link (RSL) hypermedia metamodel.
Publication Reference
Trullemans, S. and Signer, B.: "Towards a Conceptual Framework and Metamodel for Context-Aware Personal Cross-Media Information Management Systems", Proceedings of ER 2014, 33rd International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, Atlanta, USA, October, 2014