Research Projects of pejman sajjadi

TrueBiters  (Finished)

For years, the logic course in the first year of our Bachelor in Computer Science was a serious hurdle for many students. Most of the students computer science perceive the formal and abstract mechanisms of logic as difficult and awkward to deal with. We have seen a lot of procrastination with regard to studying this subject.

Friendly ATTAC - Adaptive Technological Tools Against Cyberbullying  (Finished)

Friendly ATTAC will study and develop an innovative ICT tool to help youngsters deal with cyberbullying issues. By means of highly personalized virtual experience scenarios, providing players with immediate feedback in a safe computer-mediated environment, we will attempt to modify relevant determinants of behaviours related to the roles of bullies, bystanders and victims.

CAdE-games - Toward Cognitive Adaptive Edu-games  (Finished)

A first purpose of this project is to investigate the cognitive processing involved in educational games and its impact on learning. The second purpose is to investigate how we can influence these cognitive processes by using adaptive techniques. Among others, we investigate the impact of the personality, the learning style, as well as the motivational aspects of learning by manipulating different aspects of the educational game.