Helping End Users Designing Better UIs

Student Name
Erdogan Abaci
Thesis Type
Master Thesis
Thesis Status
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Audrey Sanctorum Beat Signer

Due to evolving technologies, the design and development of user interfaces has become increasingly difficult. Developers need to take into account new types of devices (e.g. tablets or smartwatches) and smart things (e.g. smart lights or smart thermostats) forming part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Next to these technologies, designers also have to take into account the users’ needs which are quite complex, diverging and often evolve over time. Therefore, in order to cope with these evolving needs, we want to enable end users - being users without programming knowledge - to create their own user interfaces (UIs) and applications. However, this entails various challenges given that end users do not have the same skills as UI designers and might not want to spend too much time on the design of their application. For this reason, we propose to help end users while designing their UIs by providing them some recommendations on how to improve their designs.