A User-friendly and Device-independent Interface for Cross-Device Information Exchange

Student Name
Arno De Witte
Thesis Type
Master Thesis
Thesis Status
Academic Year
2016 - 2017
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Beat Signer
Reinout Roels

The INFEX framework is a general-purpose framework for transferring information between different kinds of devices. The framework supports different kinds of communication carriers and protocols (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, FTP and RESTful APIs) and acts as a mediator and translator so that information can be exchanged between devices that might otherwise be incompatible, without the need for running dedicated software on the devices themselves. In order to be truly generic many of the components that form the INFEX framework can be extended or replaced. In this thesis some extensions will be implemented and use cases that focus on the user experience when transferring information will be created.