Indoor Positioning Using the OpenHPS Framework

Hybrid positioning frameworks use various sensors and algorithms to enhance positioning through different types of fusion. The optimisation of the fusion process requires the testing of different algorithm parameters and optimal lowas well as high-level sensor fusion techniques. The presented OpenHPS open source hybrid positioning system is a modular framework managing individual nodes in a process network, which can be configured to support concrete positioning use cases or to adapt to specific technologies. This modularity allows developers to rapidly develop and optimise their positioning system while still providing them the flexibility to add their own algorithms. In this paper we discuss how a process network developed with OpenHPS can be used to realise a customisable indoor positioning solution with an offline and online stage, and how it can be adapted for high accuracy or low latency. For the demonstration and validation of our indoor positioning solution, we further compiled a publicly available dataset containing data from WLAN access points, BLE beacons as well as several trajectories that include IMU data.
Publication Reference
Van de Wynckel, M. and Signer, B.: "Indoor Positioning Using the OpenHPS Framework", Proceedings of IPIN 2021, 11th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, Lloret de Mar, Spain, November 2021