The thesis topics for 2016-2017 are now online and can be found here.

Our paper entitled 'Smart Study: Pen and Paper-Based E-Learning' got the Best Paper Award at the KES 2015 conference on Smart Education and E-Learning (KES-SEEL 15), which is based on the Master thesis of Dieter Van Thienen.


Lode Hoste successfully defended his PhD thesis 'A Declarative Approach for Engineering Multimodal Interaction'

We would like to get a better understanding on why and how people associate (link) information across digital and paper documents. Thereby, associations might be defined by manually annotating parts of paper and digital documents or by using some third-party tools. We would very much appreciate your participation in our study.

A faculty position (assistant professor, associate professor or full professor) in Computer Science (Web & Information Systems) is available in the Department of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
The candidate is expected to reinforce the research of the WISE Lab ( by initiating and conducting research in a field that is related but complementary to the WISE lab's current research. The current research of WISE is situated in the domain of innovative information systems, with special focus on Serious Games and on Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures. Within this research, the emphasis is on conceptual modelling, design techniques and methods, context-awareness and adaptivity, as well as usability and includes the development of engineering methodologies, software tools and software frameworks for these domains.
Special preference will be given to candidates with expertise in a sub-discipline of data science, such as data visualization, data analytics, data security, data mining, or data modelling. Fundamental research as well as data science research applied in domains such as HCI, (serious) games or recommender systems, is eligible.
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Applying before May 4, 2015.

The research group WISE at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium) is looking for a researcher to strengthen the research team working on the DART project. The objective of the DART project is to develop and evaluate methods and techniques to support context-aware recommendation in business intelligence scenarios. An important component is to enhance the user experience by designing and evaluating visualizations that give the user insight into the rationale of such recommendations.

The research group WISE at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium) is looking for a researcher to strengthen the serious games research team working on the Friendly-ATTAC project ( The Friendly-ATTAC project aims at developing serious games against cyber bullying. 

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Sandra Trullemans wins the Master's Thesis Award from the Society of VUB Engineers (V.Ir.Br.) for her Master's thesis entitled 'Personal Cross-Media Information Management' (promoter: Prof. Dr. Beat Signer).