Serious Games

Serious games have great potential as they allow people to acquire knowledge and skills as they play. Serious games include board and card games, as well as digital games. In particular, digital games provides opportunities that traditional methods cannot offer, e.g., simulations that immerse the player into different situations, or incorporating social aspects such as interpersonal skills.

Although the importance of serious games has been recognized, it is not straightforward to design and develop a successful serious games. It is one of WISE's goals to perform research to ease the design and development of serious games. One way to achieve this is by allowing for a greater involvement of the different stakeholders during the development process. Another way is by providing domain-specific conceptual modeling languages for serious games, as well as design methodologies and frameworks.

In addition, we want to advance the state of the art in serious games by investigating how a serious game can be easily tailored to the needs, preferences, and performance of the individual players, i.e., personalisation or dynamic adaptation of serious games.

Furthermore, we investigate how we can provide an automatic debriefing for digital serious games. 

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