Interactive Paper and Augmented Reality

There have been dramatic increases in the use of digital technologies for information storage, processing and delivery over the last few decades, but the of paper have ensured its retention as a key information medium. In the past few years research on integrating paper with digital information has become a very active area and we have contributed to this research field in various aspects. While many research projects focus on the paper-digital interaction on the interface level, we are interested in conceptual models and software platforms for integrating paper with digital as well as other cross-media resources.

Interactive Paper

Figure 1: Digital pen and paper interaction


Our information-centric approach for integrating paper with digital as well as physical media resulted in the interactive paper (iPaper) framework. Different solutions for innovative forms of interactive paper document publishing have been realised and the iPaper framework has been applied in a variety of applications including an interactive paper-based presentation tool (PaperPoint), an interactive festival guide (EdFest), artistic installations as well as other interactive paper-based solutions. The iPaper framework is based on a general cross-media link server that can be extended with various types of physical and digital media types. The underlying resource-selector-link (RSL) metamodel defines fundamental concepts for representing information within a cross-media information space.



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